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TV/Movie Collection - 52 TV/Movies

1. Caddyshack1hr 39minRBluRay
2. Captain America: The First Avenger2hrs 3minPG-13BluRay
3. Captain Phillips2hrs 14minPG-13BluRay
4. Casino2hrs 59minRBluRay
5. Casino Royale2hrs 25minPG-13BluRay
6. Catch me if you can2hrs 21minPG-13DVD
7. Celtic Pride1hr 31minPG-13DVD
8. Charlie Brown Christmas, A25minNRBluRay
9. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A25minNRBluRay
10. Charlie's Angels1hr 38minPG-13BluRay
11. Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle1hr 47minNRDVD
12. chasing AMY1hr 53minRDVD
13. chasing AMY1hr 53minRBluRay
14. Cheers: Season 18hrs 59minNRDVD
15. Cheers: Season 1010hrs 2minNRDVD
16. Cheers: Season 1110hrs 48minNRDVD
17. Cheers: Season 28hrs 59minNRDVD
18. Cheers: Season 310hrs 19minNRDVD
19. Cheers: Season 410hrs 44minNRDVD
20. Cheers: Season 510hrs 35minNRDVD
21. Cheers: Season 610hrs 14minNRDVD
22. Cheers: Season 78hrs 52minNRDVD
23. Cheers: Season 810hrs 19minNRDVD
24. Cheers: Season 910hrs 29minNRDVD
25. Chicago1hr 53minPG-13BluRay
26. Cider House Rules, The2hrs 5minPG-13BluRay
27. City Slickers1hr 54minPG-13DVD
28. City Slickers1hr 54minPG-13DVD
29. City Slickers1hr 54minPG-13BluRay
30. City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold1hr 55minPG-13DVD
31. Clarissa Explains It All: Season 15hrs 28minNRDVD
32. Clerks1hr 32minRBluRay
33. Clerks2hrs 10minRDVD
34. Clerks II1hr 37minRBluRay
35. Clerks X1hr 44minNRDVD
36. Cliffhanger1hr 53minRBluRay
37. Close Encounters of The Third Kind2hrs 17minPGBluRay
38. Closer1hr 44minRBluRay
39. Cocoa Programming Fundamentals4hrs 32minNRDVD
40. Cocoon1hr 57minPG-13BluRay
41. Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope1hr 27minPG-13DVD
42. Complete Card Magic1hr 40minNRDVD
43. Con Air1hr 55minRBluRay
44. Con Man2hrs 28minNRBluRay
45. Conspiracy1hr 36minRDVD
46. Constantine2hrs 1minRBluRay
47. Cool Hand Luke2hrs 6minPGBluRay
48. Count of Monte Cristo, The2hrs 11minPG-13DVD
49. Couples Retreat1hr 54minPG-13BluRay
50. crash1hr 55minNRBluRay
51. Crimson Tide2hrs 3minNRDVD
52. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon2hrs PG-13BluRay

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