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TV/Movie Collection - 49 TV/Movies

1. D2 The Mighty Ducks1hr 47minPGDVD
2. D3 The Mighty Ducks1hr 44minPGDVD
3. Dallas Buyers Club1hr 57minRBluRay
4. Dan In Real Life1hr 38minPG-13BluRay
5. Daredevil2hrs 4minRBluRay
6. Dark Angle: Season 115hrs 59minNRDVD
7. Dark Angle: Season 215hrs 43minNRDVD
8. Dark Knight, The2hrs 33minPG-13BluRay
9. Das Boot4hrs 57minNRDVD
10. Dawn of the Dead1hr 50minNRBluRay
11. Day Watch2hrs 26minNRBluRay
12. Daybreakers1hr 38minRBluRay
13. Dead Zone, The: Season 18hrs 27minNRDVD
14. Dead Zone, The: Season 28hrs 42minNRDVD
15. Dead Zone, The: Season 38hrs 28minNRDVD
16. Dead Zone, The: Season 48hrs 24minNRDVD
17. Dead Zone, The: Season 57hrs 32minNRDVD
18. Dead Zone, The: Season 69hrs 6minNRDVD
19. Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?, The1hr 45minNRBluRay
20. definitely, maybe1hr 52minPG-13DVD
21. Departed, The2hrs 31minRBluRay
22. Desperado1hr 43minRDVD
23. Despicable Me1hr 35minPGBluRay
24. Despicable Me 21hr 38minPGBluRay
25. Destination Oshkosh: Airventure 20152hrs NRBluRay
26. Devil Wears Prada, The1hr 49minPG-13BluRay
27. Diamonds Are Forever2hrs PGBluRay
28. Die Another Day2hrs 13minPG-13BluRay
29. Die Hard2hrs 12minRBluRay
30. Die Hard 2: Die Harder2hrs 4minRBluRay
31. Die Hard With a Vengeance2hrs 11minRBluRay
32. Dilbert: The Complete Series6hrs 14minNRDVD
33. Director's Cut1hr 22minNRBluRay
34. Distortion22minNRDVD
35. District 91hr 52minRBluRay
36. Doc Hollywood1hr 44minPG-13DVD
37. Dogma2hrs 8minRBluRay
38. Doing Time1hr 33minNRDVD
39. dollhouse: Season 19hrs NRBluRay
40. dollhouse: Season 210hrs 47minNRBluRay
41. Donnie Brasco2hrs 27minNRBluRay
42. Doomsday1hr 53minNRBluRay
43. Down Periscope1hr 33minPG-13DVD
44. Dr. No1hr 50minPGBluRay
45. Dresscode45minNRDVD
46. Drive Angry1hr 45minRBluRay
47. Drumline1hr 58minPG-13BluRay
48. Dungeons and Dragons1hr 47minPG-13DVD
49. Duplicity2hrs 5minPG-13BluRay

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